Discover the World of Newsletters

Before I discovered the world of blogging and WordPress. I was consuming a lot of stories and content through various social media platforms. I am not a morning person. I can easily pass the time mindless scrolling in the morning. However, one day I discovered this sponsored post about this newsletter called The Newsette. From there, it opened a world of email newsletters, something I had never seen before.

The Newsette

This email newsletter is something you need immediately. It divides the topics into different categories such as; politics, beauty, technology, and other topics around the world. It talks about what women have accomplished and how we can help other women. As someone who tends to doom scroll a lot, this newsletter has helped me feel a bit more positive about the direction we see the world heading. What is also exciting is that it has opened my eyes to so many brands and companies I had never heard about. You can also find discounts and deals exclusively from the newsletter. It is an exciting 5 minute read to add to your morning routine. If you are interested in signing up, click here.

The Good Trade

While I was reading The Newsette, one of their recommendations was another newsletter called The Good Trade. I love this reading The Good Trade in the morning. They focus on some of the same topics as The Newsette but in more of a condensed version. They are all about recommendations; podcasts, music, books, recipes, and small businesses. However, they heavily focus on sustainability, self-care, and ways to be ethical about your consumption. This newsletter has taught me a lot about that topic. The newsletter ends with a separate blog post. If you are interested, sign up here.

In honor of it being Women’s History Month, I thought it would be a good idea to shed light on these newsletters that have helped me discover incredibly talented women and women-owned businesses.

Thanks for reading!



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