Subscription Boxes: Worth it or Waste?

Every month I receive a beauty subscription box from Allure Beauty, and as I did in January, I thought it would be a fun idea to review the March box. However, as I was going through the products, I realized that while there are products I am going to use, others are just going to become expired on my shelf. Which had me thinking if receiving this box every month was worth it or creating unnecessary waste.

The Pros:

Nowadays, you can find subscription boxes for everything; food, beauty, coffee, tea, clothes, the list goes on. I think these subscriptions are both fun and can be useful, exhibit last year. We were having everything delivered to us, so it helped set up a subscription to know we were getting our food, or our beverages, or clothes.

They can also help save money. I have tried also tried other subscription boxes besides Allure Beauty, like HelloFresh and FabFitFun. Both boxes were enjoyable and useful. I was able to try out a bunch of new beauty products and other lifestyle products from FabFitFun for $50 vs. $300. HelloFresh helped me discover a bunch of new meals that were easy to make and less time-consuming. Nonetheless, I still believe there are some downfalls to these subscriptions.

The Cons

Things start to add up, and they add up quickly. As months go on and you obtain more products or groceries, you can realize you are not using everything, and it just sits there. It also becomes a hassle with all the boxes starting to stack up. I have found that at least one or two products I know I will never use, especially with my beauty subscription. Everyone is different, skin tones, skin types. This means that not everyone will be able to use the products even if they like them.

The Conclusion

As I sit here and look at my newest beauty box, I know some products I am going to enjoy, but I also know that some are never going to be touched.

I guess to answer my question is that there is not a correct answer. It is all about personal preference. Subscription boxes can help so much with groceries, home décor, lifestyle, beauty, so on and so forth. They are fun to receive, but I also feel guilty for the waste I have created.

I think at this point; I am having a debate with myself. Let me know in the comments your opinion on subscription boxes. As well as any boxes you have tried.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Agreed! Out of the 6-8 items you get in a subscription box, let’s be honest we only really like 2-3 and the rest keep piling on. I think subscribing to a quarterly subscription box makes more sense. I’ve seen a few vloggers review them. You end up getting more full size products which you can atleast pass on to someone else if you don’t want to use them yourself. Lifestyle/fashion subscription boxes make no sense to me because even though they pack a great value – it’s rare that the products match your taste or your home’s aesthetic or your size!

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