My Current Favorite Beauty Products

I have a problem when it comes to spending money on beauty products. I find it fun to try new products and see what works or if I just wasted my money. However, there are some products recently that have been a staple in my routine.

KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub 10% AHA from First Aid Beauty.

This is my favorite exfoliator. I have mild Keratosis Pilaris, which is dry patches and tiny bumps on the skin. I mostly have it on my upper arm, and it tends to flare up in the colder months. This product has helped so much. I use this on my arms and legs once or twice a week, and I can see the difference in my skin. It does help minimize the bumps a lot. Although I would not say it completely erases the bumps. My tip is to use it on your legs before you shave, and it helps make your legs feel super soft. Do not forget to moisturize after using it though. Otherwise, your skin will become dry. A little goes a long way; I have gone through multiple tubes and will continue to repurchase.

Superfood Face Cleanser from Youth to the People

This cleanser lives up to the hype it receives. Although this is more of a recent purchase, it has quickly become one of my favorite products. My skin feels very refreshed and does not feel dry after using it. I love that it comes in a glass container so I can reuse it after the product is gone. It is worth the price.

Vitamin-C Renewing Moisturizer from Derma-E

This lightweight moisturizer is a staple in my morning routine. Vitamin C has helped brighten my skin during the dull winter months. It works great under the rare times I wear makeup, and because it is lightweight, it works great with any sunscreen.

Daily SPF from cocokind

Finding the right sunscreen for you is a challenge. Most leave white casts and can make your face feel greasy after applying. I have tried multiple brands of sunscreen, but cocokind’s has quickly become my favorite. There is a little bit of a white cast, but it is easy to blend in. It feels like more of a moisturizer than a sunscreen. My only problem is that it is expensive for the size it comes in. You need a lot of sunscreen to make sure you are getting the right coverage so I go through this product pretty fast.

Flawless Brightening Concealer from e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f has stepped up their makeup game these past couple of years, and the concealers they come out with do not disappoint. This concealer has been considered a dupe for the Yves Saint Laurent Brightening Concealer Pen. I received a sample size of the YSL concealer, and I can easily say that the e.l.f performs just as well. So save your money and get the e.l.f product instead. 

Olaplex; No 6 and No 7 

I have thick, dry, and wavy hair, so I do my best with the products I use in my hair. Olaplex is worth it. No 6 No 7 have helped a lot. They leave my hair feeling soft and smooth. While they are kind of pricy, a little goes a long way. They also smell amazing. Though I do not recommend the shampoo and conditioner, they are okay and nothing to write home about.

I know most of the products I mentioned were skincare products, but I rarely wear makeup these days, and skincare is just one of my favorite past times. Do you have any beauty products you have been loving lately? 

Thanks for reading!



  1. “Finding the right sunscreen for you is a challenge” – I so relate. I don’t mind sunscreens with a little white cast but if you don’t blend them well around the ends of your face they are so easily visible. I’m still looking for that perfect sunscreen. 😓

    I’ve heard SO many people rave about Olaplaex products that I’m really tempted to try them. I wish they were more easily available in India – we only have them in Sephora and they’re mostly sold out there.

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    • Finding the right sunscreen is such a pain and expensive! I hope you can find one that works soon.

      For olaplex I really do recommend it. Between the two that I mention I would say the No 6 is the best. Hopefully that one is not sold out!


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