5 Things I Wish I Were Better At

It’s pretty hard to be good at everything. While some exceed in math or science, others find their calling through art or other forms of creativity. Sometimes I wish I could be good at everything I try; life would be a whole lot easier. So, here are five things I wish I were better at.


I have always loved being creative and trying different mediums of art. It’s part of the reason that I have this blog. However, I am not the best at it. I wish I could draw better or paint these beautiful pieces that I see others do. While I think art can be created at any level, I do wish I could draw a straight line.

Reaching out first

This is a daily struggle for me. I think because I am introverted, I tend to want others to reach out to me first. However, once you reach out, I am open to conversation. It usually takes the other person to make the first step before anything happens. This is something I am actively trying to get better at.


An odd one, but when I was younger, I always wanted to be one of those kids where math came easy to them. No matter how much I studied, I was terrible at math, and it made school a pain for me. Now it’s not as relevant for me. I still wish I could say I was good at math.


 I always like to talk about new makeup or products I like, but I am average when it comes to actually doing makeup. I have always wanted to create those cool eye looks that used to show up on my Instagram explore page.

Putting myself out there

I think because of my social anxiety; I have a hard time putting myself out there. This blog has helped a lot with getting me out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, when times allow it, I can become more out there and meet new people.

I know realistically not everyone can be good at everything, it’s part of what makes us who we are. Is there anything that you wish you were better at? Or, is there something you exceed at? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!



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