5 Things I want to do for Myself

Maybe it’s becoming another year older, or that the weather is becoming warmer. There are some things that I want to start doing for myself. It’s either activities I use to do or stuff I want to try for the first time.

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I enjoy reading, but I find it hard to find time to do it. I usually come up with excuses on what I should be doing instead of reading. So, I want to start reading at least 10 to 30 minutes a day. Where I put everything away, escape reality, and just read.

Do more things by myself

I think with my introverted tendencies and being a stubborn Taurus, it is fairly easy for me to go out and do things by myself. I like to shop a lot on my own as well as do other minuscule tasks. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy being with company, and sometimes it’s better to do stuff with others. However, I want to do more than just shop by myself. Then once I get comfortable, I eventually want to start solo traveling.

Be more active on Social Media/ Blog More

Kind of an odd one, but one thing I am working on is not caring what other people think. I tend to hold back on posting on other social media platforms because I am just so anxious about being perceived by past acquaintances or people I went to school with. One of the things I want to do this summer is create all-new social media accounts, start over, and not care what people think. I just need to hit create an account. As for blogging more, I want to have a schedule a stick to it. Sometimes my lack of posts is due to other things happening in life, but most of the time, it’s me being lazy. So, I am actively working on becoming more organized and setting up a schedule for myself.

Be outside more

When I was in high school, I played tennis and coached the sport throughout the week. I was outside all day, every day. Then in college, when I started working 9 to 5 in the summer, I was lucky if I could get some sun at least one day a week. Fast forward to now, and I just found out I am Vitamin D deficient. So being outside is something I want to do and a thing I need to do to better my health. Whether, it’s going on a walk, playing tennis, or just simply being outside.

Try new things

Overall, I just want to try new things. I tend to stick to something that I am comfortable with and know the outcome of the experience. After not doing anything this past year, I have this urge to get out of my comfort zone and be more spontaneous. Whether it’s trying new food, going new places, or just trying different activities.

These five things that I want to do will not happen overnight. I will slowly implement them into my life and make it more of a lifestyle change rather than a temporary goal. I think it is fun to figure out new tasks to do. It helps you discover more about yourself and what you enjoy.

Is there anything that you want to start doing? Or anything you recently started doing that you enjoy? Let me know! As always, thank you for reading, and make sure you’re taking care of yourself.



  1. Read more is on my list too. I was doing well on this goal till March but ever since I haven’t really read a lot.

    Doing things by yourself – is something that takes a little getting used to. The first time I went to see a movie alone – I booked two tickets so that I wouldn’t have to sit with someone else and feel alone. 🙈 But over time I got into doing things on my own. Going on breakfast dates, exploring my city on my own, going to museums, going to the theatre etc. Solo travelling has been the highlight of my life. And I hope you get to do it soon. ❤️

    I want to workout more. Gyms haven’t been an option to go to for the past year and I really don’t enjoy home workouts. So yeah – I want to find a workout that I enjoy and stick to it.

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    • The movie idea, is something I will have to use! The other things also sound like a lot of fun. I am a little nervous to start but also very excited, all of your stories have been so interesting to read!

      Working out is a struggle. It is so hard to stay consistent and enjoy it. The only person I can recommend for working out is Sydney Cummings on YouTube, I discovered her earlier in the year and I really enjoy her workouts. I am also not the biggest fan of at home workouts but she makes you feel like you’re at the gym with her and is very motivating. Plus, I have seen results from her workouts. Working out shouldn’t feel like a punishment so I hope you can find something you like!

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  2. I can only recommend solo travel. It has helped me grow so much and connect with the world. Also traveling is what brought Markus and I together. Really hoping you can do it soon. Good luck with the reading, too. I also wanted to read more this year and it has been going well so far. What was your last read?

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    • I really want to solo travel! I’m hoping to do some smaller trips toward the end of the year.
      I’m currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It’s a long one but beautifully written and it’s making me love reading again.


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