Selfless by Hyram: Let’s talk about it

In 2020 skincare became one of the most talked-about topics and brought a new wave of influencers to multiple social media platforms. One of the most popular creators to make headlines is Hyram. Most people know him as skincarebyhyram.

Hyram has made many videos and TikToks on skincare and what brands to use and which to avoid. Most would say he is why The Ordinary and CeraVe are raved about and how other brands like St. Ives took a dive.

On June 1st, he announced that he is releasing a skincare line called Selfless by Hyram, where he’s teaming up with the brand The Inkey List, and together they are “Sparking social change, one product at a time.” According to the brand, when buying these products, you will either be helping the Thirst Project or Rainforest Trust.

The five products that he is releasing on June 24th seem to be innovative and unique. It’s also using ingredients he has preached about countless of times. I think the price point is fair, with the products ranging from $20 to $30. Some reviews have already come out about products, and it seems to be getting positive feedback.

For the most part, Hyram has been met with praise and excitement for announcing his new brand, but he was also met with backlash by others. There seems to be this ongoing discussion on whether influencers and celebrities should release makeup, or in this case, skincare, brands. Some look at these brands as a quick cash grab instead of something the person is truly passionate about.

For Hyram in particular I think he is an influencer that is genuinely passionate about skincare and helping people create a routine that is right for their skin, while staying in their budget. He gives honest feed back about brands and helps people understand the complex ingredients that go into products. I believe that Hyram did not create this brand just for the sole purpose of making money.

However, he has made it abundantly clear that he is not a licensed esthetician or a dermatologist so, people are saying that he is not qualified to make a skincare line. Another thing that he is getting criticism for is the savior complex he is portraying in his videos advertising for the brand. Many have questioned whether the brand is all about morals and ethics or more about being a hero.

When I watched the advertisement video for the first time, it felt as though he was portraying this person that was going to save the world. Maybe that was not his intent but, I do think he needs to talk about it before it becomes a bigger issue.

I think it is important to talk about the brand and the discourse that is coming along with it. Even if we love a brand or a creator it is so important to hold them accountable for their actions, especially when it is making their consumers upset.

Even though the brand has been met with criticism, I think this brand will have tremendous success and is going to sell out as soon as it launches. I think for now I am going to hold off buying from the brand. I don’t really need any of the products and I want to see if Hyram will talk about the promotional videos and address some of the backlash it has received.

This is a complex topic, and I know there will probably be people who might have different opinions on the brand. I am genuinely curious about what people think about the brand and the products. As well as how you personally feel about the message the brand is trying to portray. Let me know if you’re going to buy any of the products.

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  1. Exactly my thoughts! When he announced his skincare line – I was super stoked – especially since it was in collaboration with an amazing brand. But the promotions thereafter had me a little confused. It is amazing that he isn’t just doing this to make money but also to do good in the world but that doing good bit didn’t need to be SO heavily promoted. Maybe it is just me who finds that a little weird.

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    • I don’t think it’s weird at all, I agree with you 100%. I think it’s great he wants to help the environment but I read a comment that said something a long the lines of “he calls the brand selfless but then puts his name in the brand.” I just think he’s trying to pushing his “do good” narrative a bit too hard. And it’s turning people away from the brand.


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