Why I started blogging

I was first introduced to blogging in my senior year of college. The assignment was to create a website on WordPress and write a blog post on anything we wanted. When I first received the project, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Instead, I found myself in this hole of creating my website, trying to find the right one, and perfecting my post. To be honest, that blog post was terrible. (And has now been archived) I had no idea what I was doing, but the assignment had sparked an interest in blogging that I didn’t know I had.

I had tried writing a couple of blog posts throughout 2020, I think it’s like two, but I wasn’t feeling it. 2021 however, I decided to take blogging seriously.

I blog for a couple of different reasons. First, I have a degree in Marketing and Digital Marketing, and WordPress and Blogging have been an asset to brushing up on my marketing skills. But I also blog because it’s something I genuinely love to do. I like to share my thoughts and opinions on topics I enjoy. And I have discovered so many talented writers from all over the world.

I am not the best writer/blogger, and I am constantly updating my website as I continue to learn. I also can be so inconsistent with posting. But I am so glad my professor introduced me to the world of blogging.

There are many talented people in this little corner of the world, from lifestyle to beauty to wellness to parenthood to anything. I have learned so much in such a short time, and I am excited to grow and continue to learn more.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I honestly really love how simple and honest this post is. I recently came to a point where I had to sit down and re-evaluate why I started my blog because I’d been feeling a disconnect from the kind of space WordPress had ended up becoming for me. I’m really glad I had that conversation with myself because I was in half a mind of giving up blogging altogether.

    I’m so glad you enjoy blogging too, and I’m looking forward to seeing how your website continues to grow and evolve with you!

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    • Thank you so much! I feel at times blogging can feel like such a burden. I do not think people realize how much work goes into blogging (I certainly didn’t).

      But I’m glad you did not give it up! And I’m excited to read more content from you.

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  2. I started my blog as a safe space to vent out during the first lockdown but it has slowly become so much more. Though I agree with your comment above – it can become a burden especially along with a full time job – since blogging is CRAZY time consuming! Some days I feel like it is a WHOLE second job!
    Looking forward to seeing where you take your blog ❤ 🙂

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    • I genuinely did not know how time consuming blogging was until I started. I sometimes put more effort into my blog posts than my actual job lol. But thank you so much! I love your blog and if definitely inspires me to keep going!


  3. Soo happy you discovered blogging. I love reading your posts, they are very precise and easy to understand. I started blogging in 2020 during lockdown period and I think I am hopefully getting somewhere!♥️

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    • Thank you so much! Blogging has definitely been a creative outlet this past year. And for your blog- as long as your happy blogging and creating content, then you are definitely getting somewhere!

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