The Affects of the Pandemic on a Young Adult

It’s safe to say everyone has had challenges throughout the past year and a half. Likewise, each generation has had its own unique set of challenges.

Older generations have had to forgo seeing their family. Thus, losing out on precious memories with the lives they created and spending time with loved ones.

Others were forced into early retirement, losing jobs they once held for so many years, unknowing where their income source will be, and struggling to make ends meet.

Teenagers and kids, losing out on the social aspect of growing up, losing those pivotal moments in education and life events that we all took for granted when we were their age.

Pandemic babies, going to the grocery store for them is considered Disney World. And it will be interesting to see the long-term effects the pandemic has on their development.

As for Young Adults, which is the category I fall in, we lost a lot too, and personally, it has been such a struggle.

I graduated from college last year in my childhood bedroom. And as I sit here staring at my degree, I render it useless (okay, kind of).

Socializing and meeting new people is hard enough; add a pandemic into the mix, and it’s nearly impossible. When you are young, meeting new people was through work, bars, and social events. Now work is done from home and six feet apart is the norm.

Growing up, most adults told me that my 20’s would be the golden years, and enjoy them while I can. So now that I am in my 20s and a pandemic, I feel this pressure and anxiety that I am not doing enough and not enjoying my youth.

Overall, I think everyone has had to put this wall up. It’s almost as if society has said that if you are not going through tragic events, you are not allowed to be upset about other things like not getting your hair done or going to a concert.

While those are trivial things to the grand scheme of life, it was what made it what it is, and it’s all we knew. When it took over our lives back in March of 2020, we had to learn and adapt so fast to a new way of living, and we were never given the ability to process what we had just lost.

I have recently been coming to realize what life is shaping up to be and how different it is from what I pictured.

So, here is your reminder that you’re allowed to miss and grieve the way life used to be and the stuff we took for granted. Everyone is burnt out and exhausted, but we are still here. So, if you want, feel free to rant and ramble about things that you missed out on in the past year or so. It can be as little as a nail appointment or something as big as graduation. I won’t judge.

Continue to take care of your physical and mental health. Check up on your friends and family. And maybe one day, we will be able to move past this tragic part of our lives.

Thanks for reading!


On a completely different note I want to give a big thank you to, Moksha a.k.a Happy Panda, for recommending me in her blog post yesterday! She’s an amazing blogger and if you aren’t following her then what are you doing? And if you’re interested in discovering more bloggers check out her post, you’ll find great bloggers that cover a wide range of topics!


  1. I miss pre-pandemic life. Honestly, I was thriving and enjoying that “20s” life. I had started to travel a lot – visiting some place new every month. And it sucks to have to give up on all that. Funnily, I feel like this pandemic made me more asocial too. I can totally understand how you feel – your 20s are for having responsibility-free fun! I hope you’re able to enjoy that life soon. 😊

    Thank you for the shout out. ❤️

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    • I feel like there’s so much to do and so little time when you’re in your 20s. Sometimes I don’t mind being forced to just do nothing but other times I just have an itch to get out there. I hope these coming years will be a lot more eventful!


  2. Love how empathetic this post was to people in every walk of life. Thanks for acknowledging that teens and kids have had a difficult time too. I’d say, one of the worst. I lost my last year of school and that’s a void that will never go. 2 years of social life. I turn 18 in less than a week but I still feel 16, similarly with my peers. It’s like life stopped after 2019. Thanks for this empathetic post! Having lost 2 precious teen years, I know what it means to lose a part of your youth to absolute nothingness. Wish we could discount the last two years from our age 😜 I mean, we deserve it.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your 20s to the fullest, dear friend! 🤍

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    • In my opinion late teens are the ones that have had the most difficult past two years. There are a lot of important milestones that happen during those years and can help define who you are. And I get exactly what you mean, I know I’m 23 but sometimes I feel like time still 21 and should be back in college lol.

      I hope your 18th year treats you better than the previous years and you get to enjoy life like it should be!

      Thanks for the comment and reading!!

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