Learning How to Make Myself a Priority

I am a people pleaser through and through. I rarely say no things I do not want to do. If I do say no I am riddled with anxiety, thinking that I have let people down or that I am not a good friend. But I also know that they don’t think that.

This past week I went M.I.A on here and there isn’t a specific reason why besides just wanting a break. But at the same time, I felt guilty. I could have easily written some posts but instead I chose not to simply because I wasn’t in the mood. It was another moment where I felt like I had let people down even though I know I had not.

When we put ourselves last time and time again. It drains us- burns us out. Sometimes you need to be selfish as much as you are selfless.

I have been trying to make myself a priority recently and it is a challenge. Learning how to say no to things I do not want to do is so hard. But I know that my mental health, my interests, wants, and needs are also valid.

This may sound like a somber post, but I promise it is not. Every once and a while we need a reminder to put ourselves first and to enjoy life the way we want to. I am still learning on how to make myself a priority and I know I will be for a while.

How is everyone doing? And maybe let me know one thing you’re going to do for yourself this week.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I totally get that feeling of wanting to do things for others at the cost of our own happiness. But that’s slowly changing the more I focus on expecting hard things from myself.

    Now, whenever I take the steps to achieve my life’s goals (such as finishing my next novel or exercising), I actually build the self-confidence to not others’ needs above my own. Anyway, wishing you the best with your journey!

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  2. Actually we need to love ourselves first ,we need to know what our mind wants?And of course sometimes we need to become selfish for our good. Well expressed 😊😊😊🌹!


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