The Relationship with my body

I want to start this off by saying that this is not anything super dark or deep. However, if anything about body talk or body image makes you uncomfortable, it is more than okay not to read this post.

I have always had an odd relationship with my body. I have never loved nor hated the way I look. There are parts that I would never change, yet parts I would.

Growing up, I always thought it was best to be thin-midsize at most. Anything more is not preferred.

When I was in my teenage years, I played sports and was always on the go. Add a fast metabolism to the equation, and I was fit and toned. With achieving this body without working out and with being a naïve teenager , I thought it would look like it did when I was sixteen.

Oh, how I was wrong.

College was a wake-up call in so many ways. I can say without hesitation that I gained the freshmen fifteen like there was no tomorrow. I had not even realized it at the time, but when reality caught up to me, I was miserable. I lost weight the following year; I am not entirely sure how I lost it. But some extra weight lingered around, and I was still so frustrated.

Since the age of 20, the relationship between me and my body has never been easy. Seeing stretch marks form and filling out my curves has been a challenge to watch.

I know I am not overweight or unhealthy. But what’s ironic to me is that I could have the most toned arms and legs, but if my stomach is not flat, society says I am fat.

And that’s the other side of it, too, right?

Social media has skewed our perception of normal bodies. And it has created such a negative mindset of body standards.

To be honest, I think this is the first year I have come to accept my body for what it is. After all, it is the only one I have, and it’s up to me to make the changes I want to see. (In a healthy way, of course)

To create a better relationship, I have.

  • Bought clothes that flatter my body type
  • Create a social media space that’s positive and follow people that look like me
  • I work out to become healthy and strong, not to become skinny

The reason I share this is not to garner pity or sympathy. Instead, I wanted to remind others that our bodies have done so much for us, yet sometimes it is hard to love them. And that is okay.

I know this relationship will have its ups and downs, and I will continue to grow and learn to love my body.

And you should love yours too.

Thanks for reading!


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