How to save money on beauty products

Purchasing beauty products for skincare and make-up can be very expensive. With social media and trends, it can cost us a lot of unnecessary money and create a lot of product waste. However, having a good skincare routine and make-up does not have to be expensive. There are a couple of ways to save money when it comes to beauty.

As a disclaimer, this is just my opinion on ways to save money, as well as tips and tricks I have found to be helpful.

Know your skin.

This is important in both skincare and make-up. Our skin is unique. Therefore we must pay attention to the shades we buy and the products we use.

For make-up, our skin has undertones. Either cool, warm, or neutral. So, even if you have a fair foundation, it still may be the wrong shade because it does not match your undertones. Another factor we must pay attention to is our eye color. For example, my eyes are blue, so I will not buy an eyeshadow palette with predominately blue shades. (I mean, I can, but it will not compliment my eyes.) Instead, I tend to focus on eyeshadow palettes with brown and neutral shades.

As for skincare, there are so many different types of skin. There is oil, dry, normal, combination; the list can go on. And it’s important to know your skin type as it will affect the products you use. I have combination/normal skin, so I will not purchase a bunch of overly harsh products. For someone with oily skin, I would not recommend buying thick or oily-based products.

This all can be very overwhelming, so I highly recommend reading this article. It will help you determine your skin type and tone without being recommended products from a random website.

Buy trial size.

A lot of products are offered trail size and can last a lot longer than people realize. This can help a lot if the products are expensive or your are unsure how your skin will react to the product. If you are in-store and they do not offer sample sizes, do not be afraid to ask an employee to see if they can give you a sample.

Try not to give in to trending or overhyped products.

It’s easy for products to go viral and become overhyped fast. I have fallen for beauty trends in the past, and only a select few have ended up working. While the product may look cool, does it fit your skin type or tone? Instead, make sure you read the reviews. Look out for undisclosed sponsorships and ask yourself if the product is worth it.

Stick to the basics.

A lot of skincare and beauty, in general, is just fluff. It’s easy to create a solid skincare routine with a cleanser, moisturized, and sunscreen. You do not need ten different eye shadow palettes of the same color. Nor six different types of eyeliner.

I haven’t talked beauty in a while so that was fun! Of course, you do not have to do these things. But I have noticed that following these tips has helped me save a lot of money. So, I am curious, what is the one beauty brand you will always continue to buy from, no matter the price?

Thanks for reading!



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