Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

A harsh realization I had this week is how much I live for the weekend.

Two days of no work and instead time for myself, where I am jamming everything into 48 hours. Socializing, errands, cleaning, trying to get everything ready for the following week.

And then sometimes I like to have a day, mostly Sundays, where I relax and do nothing. So that leaves me with 24 hours. But then I need to sleep, so that leaves me with what, 10-12 hours?? (Can you see I’m spiraling.)

So, when you put it in that perspective, that’s not living.

I get it, some people love their jobs, but most of us don’t. We always go through the motions Monday through Friday. Counting down to those 48 hours.

Is there a solution to this problem? I don’t know. Because the answer is not a one-size-fits-all. What I can do is give recommendations to make the week almost as fun as the weekend.

Run your errands on a weeknight like Thursday. So, you don’t have to take time out of your weekend to do it. Go to the movies. (Remember $5 Tuesdays? Do they still do that?) Order in or get takeout. Find a new hobby, take an online class, work out.

To be honest, I don’t know how to make the weekdays fun. This was also the worst timing for this post, considering 5 P.M looks like 11 P.M.

 I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we should stop working for the weekends and make every day the best we can. 

On a different note, I want to thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It truly means a lot to me! The reason I keep this blog going is because of the wonderful community it comes with.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I work on weekends and [usually] have most weekdays off. Tomorrow I’m working. It sounds alright until you have to wake up at 0430! I usually sleep in until 1200 like today, so it’s going to be a struggle tomorrow.

    I agree that most people hate working. I’m one of those people. It’s not that I hate what I do – it just cuts into my personal life. If we could all find a way to make passive income, perhaps that would be the solution to our problem. But even that comes with a price. In the end, we will sacrifice time for other things.

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  2. Ugh, yes I really think the world should transition to 4 day work weeks and be much more flexible. It’s true, it doesn’t feel like living. Although I do think if you find a job you really like and it’s low stress, that makes a huge difference! Speaking from experience 🥰

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