Best & Worst Beauty of 2021 (In My Opinion)

There are some products that I fell in love with within 2021 and some that I regretted immediately. So I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite products I tried throughout the year. While also leaving some products behind.

As always, this is just my opinion. You might have hated the products I love and vice versa.

The Best:

Glow Recipe: PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner

This has been a holy grail product throughout the year. I have tried a couple of toners, and many of them have caused more breakouts than I would have liked. But the Glow Recipe has prevailed. It never caused purging or breakout while also being gentle on the skin. I can’t recommend this toner enough, and it is something I will continue to repurchase.

about-face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

Halsey killed it with this brand. From the aesthetic to the packaging to the unique products. I believe this was one of the best brand launches of 2021, and I want to do an in-depth review in 2022 because I think this is not talked about enough. Plus, they just went international. First, however, I want to talk about their Matte Fluid Eye Paint. The product is easy to apply, very pigmented, and lasts a long time. My personal favorite is the shade Cloned.

Innisfree: Daily UV Defense Sunscreen

I picked this sunscreen up on a whim, and I am glad I did. It’s inexpensive, has no white cast, and I also found out that the product is reef-friendly. It’s another sunscreen that is great for all skin types and a product I will continue to repurchase.

saie Slip Tint

I have been on a mission to find the best Tinted Moisturizer, and I finally found it with the saie slip tint. It is the best light coverage, but at the same time, I can cover up blemishes. In addition, it leaves the skin with a glowy but not greasy finish.

Ouai Leave in Conditioner

Ouai is my most recent obsession. From the perfume to the detox shampoo, they have everything to make you feel fresh and smell clean. However, my favorite product from the brand is the Leave-in Conditioner. It helps get rid of my frizz and helps hydrate my dry hair.

The Worst:

KVD Foundation Good-Apple Skin Perfecting Foundation Balm

I try my hardest to avoid buying hyped-up/trending products on social media. At least without doing more in-depth research. But for some reason, I decided to buy this foundation on a whim, and it was such a mistake. Is this product full coverage? Yes. But for like thirty minutes. If you leave it on any longer, it immediately breaks apart on your skin and looks super cakey. So it’s a no from me.

Supergoop C.C Screen

Where saie prevailed, Supergoop failed. Overall, I like Supergoop, especially the Glowscreen. But the C.C was just not it. It was super drying on the skin and was very hard to blend in.

Milani Setting Spray

I wanted to try a setting spray and what caught my attention was that this one contains sunscreen. However, this smells horrible, leaves the skin feeling greasy, and stings the eyes. I like Milani, but this was not it. Any other setting spray is a better choice than this.

e.l.f puff puff primer

e.l.f is a brand that I think has done well these past couple of years. I remember when they were looked down upon because they were “cheap” But, they upgraded the quality of their products while still keeping the price relatively low. Which I think proves that price does not determine the quality of the product. However, this was a pass for me. It wasn’t necessarily bad. It just felt like I was putting on another layer of moisturizer and did not do anything for my makeup. I recommend the putty primer instead.

Milk Makeup color chalk

Milk makeup is another brand that I overall love. They have the best primer and other great products. However, I received the color chalk in a makeup set I recently purchased, and the word chalk is very literal in the product’s texture. It’sIt’s just super drying and not worth it. I like the concept; I do not think it was well executed.

These were my best and worst beauty products of 2021. While there were so many other products I could have talked about, this is what I narrowed it down to. What were your best and worst beauty products of the year?

Thanks for reading!


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