Too Much Pressure in the New Year?

New Year New Me

The first of the year comes around, and in my opinion, so does the pressure. The pressure to get fit, eat right. Complete your goals, achieve your dreams, the list goes on.

But we overload ourselves with these goals and tasks that we feel as though we failed when we do not follow through. So by January 15th, we’re saying. “there’s always next year.”

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

On the one hand, it is good to have goals. They keep us motivated- keep us moving. But I have always said it’s best to start small and go from there.

It’s about you, not everyone else

You can start over anytime, any day. So, for example, if you decide on a Wednesday in April that you want a lifestyle change, then start that Wednesday in April. There is no need to wait until a Monday or the first of the month as there is no time quite like the present.

I already felt guilty for not working out on the 1st and, instead, waiting till the third. But I know my body needed the rest.
No one else matters when it comes to your goals, only you. So, if you want to start or stop your dreams at any time, the only person who will be impacted is yourself.

Here is your reminder to not put too much pressure on yourself in the new year. You have twelve months to work on your goals, and you’re not a failure if you do not complete them.


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