Predicting Beauty Trends We’ll See in 2022

It’s fun to try and predict what we will see in the upcoming year, especially in beauty. What’s hot, what’s not. So, here are five predictions as to what will happen to beauty in 2022.

Fragrance will be the new craze.

Towards the end of 2021, we started to see more fragrance talk on social media. Different brands, smells are beginning to go viral. So as we go through the year, I think other perfumes will start to get more prominent. And getting the next hottest smell will be bigger than a skincare product.

Skincare will start to see a decline.

I could talk and review skincare products all day (and will continue to do so.) Yes, people will still talk about products. However, they might not sell out like they used to, and people want to talk about other parts of beauty besides skincare. Overall, the hype skincare received in the past two years will not be as big this year. I think James Welch, a skincare enthusiast on YouTube, has a great video breaking down what happened to skincare these past two years and what will happen to the skincare community. If you’re interested in that, I highly recommend watching this video. It’s super interesting.

Clean Beauty Brands will continue to rise.

People love the words “clean” and “natural” and “free of” when it comes to beauty products. As of now, there is not enough research to show that non-clean beauty brands are harmful, and I also think that words like “clean” are nothing more than marketing tactics. It’s also essential to remember clean and sustainable are not the same thing. But I think people are just becoming more aware of what they’re putting on their body and as time goes on, more and more clean beauty brands are going to pop up and become more popular.

More creativity in Makeup.

As we start to leave the house, more and more people will begin to get bolder with makeup again. I don’t necessarily think the “natural” makeup look will disappear. But I think a big reason that look became popularized is because of us being in the house for the past two years. But I think full gram is going to start making a comeback. Makeup is a way for us to express ourselves, and as time goes on, people will feel more and more comfortable with bolder looks.

Haircare will be a big trend.

Similar to fragrance, hair care products will also be more talked about. Hair masks and oils are becoming the new skincare. In general, we are seeing different types of beauty trends as we have exhausted the knowledge of our faces.

What trends do you think we will see in 2022? What do you hope to see in 2022?


  1. Definitely agree about haircare and hair styles being HUGE this year. And yes to natural, organic products!
    Though I don’t think the skincare craze is going anywhere – though I do think it is saturated and may not grow as much as it did these past 2 years.
    I’m hoping for more mask-proof make-up since it looks like the mask is here to stay. 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m genuinely surprised brands haven’t tried to create products that work for masks, especially foundations. We’re going on year three so they have had plenty of time to do so. I want to be able to wear makeup without getting it all over my masks lol


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