Life Update #3

It’s been a while since I have done a life update, and I feel like a lot has happened. The holiday season flew by. We are in 2022. Life is going 100 mph, and I need it to slow down. But let’s back up a little bit.

I was going to come back to blogging two days a week in December to finish this year on a high note, but life had different plans.

 On December 4th, my dog broke her paw. Like she completely shattered it. She’s a tiny thing, 13 pounds, and she is twelve years old. It was terrifying as I had never dealt with something like this before. After some rough couple of days, she adjusted to her cast. Now we are at a point where we constantly tell her to slow down because she likes to run so much with it. She will hopefully be getting the cast-off next week.

Then the holiday season came around, and like many people this year, my family got COVID… yeah.

My dad got it from work, and by the time we realized it was COVID, we all knew we would get it. Of course, we are vaxxed, but that shit was horrible. A headache from hell, the chills, horrible body aches, and sore throat where it constantly felt like I was swallowing glass. However, by day six I was up and moving like nothing had ever happened, and my family had fully recovered.

So, with COVID being an unexpected guest for Christmas and New Year’s, it took me a minute to realize we are in 2022.

This year I am trying to put myself first. Establish a routine and stability in my life. I am ready for some changes in my life. However, that may be. I’m excited for this upcoming year and what it will bring. Even though things are not looking that bright now, I am trying to stay optimistic.

How has your start to 2022 been? Any life updates you want to share? I am always down to talk in the comments.

As a quick reminder, I have Journal January going on this month. So far, nine days have been posted. I hope you guys are enjoying the prompts!


  1. What a big turn of events for you! I’m glad you and your family both made it out of those unfortunate events. Poor puppy!! (Yes, I know you said she’s 12 years old.) Hopefully you were still able to do something enjoyable for your holidays at least. New year new me is definitely kicking in for me, but this happened every year. Let’s see how far I go this time

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    • Thank you! I still call her puppy no matter how old she gets haha. I do the same thing every year. I’m hoping this is the year I can stick to it. Thanks for reading!


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