Journal January- Day 11

I am very much ready for the weekend at this point.

If you could be famous would you?

This one is a fun one and always an interesting conversation starter in my opinion. When I was younger all I wanted to do was be famous. I think Hannah Montana was the root of that. As I have gotten older I have realized maybe that isn’t what I want. There are a lot more cons to being famous than what I thought as a kid. But, I think there would be moments where it would be so much fun.

Journal January


  1. It is funny how I’ve never wanted FAME. It just seems like such an intrusive life – I could never do it.
    If I had to be famous – I’d be some famous scientist – who can be famous while also remain a little bit in the background.

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    • A famous scientist honestly sounds kind of fun. I think social media ruined the idea of being famous. Before these apps you could still have this sense of privacy. Now, you have to constantly be “on” and if you make the smallest mistake you are screwed.


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